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Timeline of Life – True Doctrine of the New Testament

The timeline was created to help believers interpret the scripture as one continual story. It defines the journey of a Christian from Sin and death to the final judgement and eternity. There are definite markers given in the scripture which help define where we are and where we are going. The Bible was not made to be broken up into little pieces of doctrine. By understanding it as a whole, it puts all doctrine in proper context and prevents contradiction and misinterpretation.

The journey of a Christian starts from sin and death where all people are born. Then, God begins to draw us out of sin and to His Son Jesus. When we respond properly to His drawing we repent from sin and surrender our lives to Him. Then we go through the door of conversion and enter the Kingdom of God. Once we are translated into the Kingdom we are now on the narrow path and under the rule of the King. We now have the benefits of the Kingdom as well as the responsibility to be holy, obedient and abide in Jesus. By remaining on the narrow path we will abide in His love and enter the joy of our Lord. If we deviate from the narrow  path and willfully live in sin, we may forfeit our position in the Kingdom and fall from grace. Only by repenting and submitting ourselves back to the commands of Jesus may we enter back into life(prodigal sons return).

All life on this earth must end and after death comes the judgment. We (believers) must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ to give account and receive of the things we did in our bodies. Then comes eternal judgment, good for some and bad for others. Every verse in the New Testament fits into this story line harmoniously.


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Contact us for your free copy of the booklet Timeline Of Life to familiarize yourself with the Christian walk. This booklet will enable you to understand the real doctrine behind the Word of God recorded in the New Testament.


Here is a brief overview of the booklet:

There are many different Christian doctrines existent today, however, the written Word of God contained in the Bible should result in only ONE doctrine, and consequently ONE body of Christ with ONE mind.

The Timeline of Life is our way of presenting what we believe is the TRUE doctrine taught by the Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles in the New Testament. The Timeline of Life Study Guide was written to assist you in rightly interpreting the Word of God for yourself and to help you identify where you are located in the Christian walk. It is also a helpful tool that illustrates the progressive work of God in man.

This study guide also emphasizes the Words of Jesus and how they are to be the foundation that we build all other doctrines upon.




Erin James Sain is an experienced speaker, published author, and founder of Awaken Ministries. With great zeal and conviction, he is passionate about helping people grow deeper in their walk with Jesus. Erin is the author of three powerful books Bearing Fruit that Remains, The Secret Place, and The Way Back. He has also published Timeline of Life, a study guide and tool that illustrates the progressive work of God in man.