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Looking to stir your congregation?

Dear Ministry Leaders:

I am writing to introduce you to Erin James Sain, an experienced speaker, published author, and founder of Awaken Ministries. With great zeal and conviction, he is passionate about helping people grow deeper in their walk with Jesus. Erin is a student of the Word and has committed much of the New Testament to memory. “Erin brings an impartation for evangelism and discipleship, your people will be stirred to go out and win souls and make disciples for Jesus.” With an emphasis on revealing the words of Christ through the Gospels, he stirs the church to actively do the work of the ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit. Because of Erin’s vast knowledge of Scripture, he is able to teach on a wide variety of New Testament concepts, enabling him to minister to specific needs within the church.

Speaking topics include, but are not limited to; Evangelism/Discipleship, The Holy Spirit, Faith, and Revival. Erin is available to guest preach, or to speak at your next workshop, conference, or revival meeting.

If invited to speak you can expect;

  • Messages that challenge and encourage us to go deeper in our faith and walk with God
  • Spirit filled message on the Gospel delivered in a way that everyone can understand
  • Highly impacting, thought provoking, and stirring messages that will help reignite the passion of your church.

Awaken Ministries is an itinerant ministry engaged in building the body of Christ through teaching, preaching, and impartation. We believe in unity within the body of Christ according to the example provided by the early church in Acts and will do our part to build, unite, and minister to the body of Christ. Our vision is to revive the Church and encourage believers to go deeper in their walk with God. We hope to come alongside you wherever you are. Contact Awaken Ministries today at 865.964.0116 or email [email protected] for more information or to book Erin.

In Him,

Janel Sain

Awaken International Ministries

Janel is a gifted writer and speaker and has a great passion to stir up the body of Christ to seek God, to be faithful in prayer, and to know God’s voice. She has been a homeschool mom for the past 13 years and delights in the blessing and privilege to stay at home with her children. Her heart’s desire is to equip and raise up a people who possess eyes that see and ears that hear what the Lord is saying and doing, who pray without ceasing, and who fulfill all the will of God for their lives! She is most involved in teaching, writing, prayer, and prophetic ministry. As a watchman on the wall, she enjoys raising up and equipping women, intercessors, watchman, and warriors for the Kingdom of God. She also works with other ministries in consulting, organizing, and assisting ministry leaders in developing and refocusing their visions and establishing or re-establishing prayer ministry.